Facebook Fear and Fatigue?

April 9th, 2012

For the past year I have had this argument with myself (and a few others) about the value of Facebook for some businesses.

For retailers who have a regular business relationship with their customers, Facebook makes a lot of sense - “Here are our new products, our upcoming sales, our holiday hours, etc.” Facebook can work well for non-profits too because many people have an affinity for certain kinds of charitable work and are interested in following and engaging when possible.

On the other hand there are manufacturers and B2B services that aren’t sure about the value of Facebook, or least about the ROI for the time that needs to be invested to do it right. They have very little engagement, and what they do have is friends, families, vendors and suppliers and v.v. On the other hand, our's is a B2B service company, and we think FB and TW are pretty good tools to communicate with clients and friends. We publish our blog to FB and Twitter, and the stuff we post is usually pretty valuable to our clients and others.

So, there can be value in social media for businesses like ours if used for education and communication instead of just being “another marketing tool that everybody said we have to have, and now we don’t know what to do with it, and we are so dad-gum frustrated with it, and no one here knows how to use it, and now it has changed AGAIN, and we can’t remember the login most of the time, and when we do we have nothing to say or no time to say it…”

Purposeful or painful: Which version of Facebook does your business use? Have you ever considered that it’s actually OK to not be on Facebook? For some businesses that is obviously the right choice. So don’t be sold on something that may not be needed, and often isn’t helpful at all. If you go FB-free, it may actually set you free to focus on the things that ARE useful and helpful for your business and your customers.

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