Vid-E-O and Wordpress

October 5th, 2011

When our children were young we watched Sesame Street (I think it was) and occasionally there were some space aliens who would say "ra-di-o. yip, yip, yip. uhhuh, uhhuh." I always thought that was funny and would entertain my children with my rendition of it.

Now to inform (not entertain) you with something similar - "Vid-E-O"

It appears that the latest round of Google updates has given even more weight to well tagged and placed video. We have been noticing video's ascension for some time now and it looks like it is escalating. That makes sense because with our high bandwidth today, people want video and Google has always said that they are trying to deliver the content that people want in their search results.

So, the takeaway is obvious. If it fits, get some video on YouTube and embed it in keyword rich pages on your site, and ostensibly you will see improved rankings on Google.

On another note, I saw an article about how Wordpress is not the best choice for SEO results. The logic made sense. So many of the content farm websites that are being used to spoof search engines today are built on Wordpress, because it is easy to setup and theme and build those deceptive sites quickly and easily.

So, it makes sense that search engines would be on the lookout for those deceptive sites and one thing they look for is the platform it is built on. So, the article said - use an alternative that is not under such scrutiny. Of course we recommend SiteNow :)

Until next time...