So What's Up with Google Plus?

August 11th, 2011

For a couple of weeks everyone was 'buzzing' about Google Plus. It was invitation only so people were asking those who were already on Google Plus to send them an invitation. I got mine and promptly signed up, messed around a bit, and then went back to watching Facebook.

I am not alone. According to Chitika, Google Plus web traffic peaked at 0.007% of web traffic on July 20 and by July 31 had fallen back below 0.005%. It could be that this is just a respite as Google works out some bugs and is not issuing as many invitations. One thing is certain, until all of my friends are there, I do not have any reason to be there – I think that is why early adopters like me have not hung around, at least for now.

There is also the matter that businesses are not allowed to play in the Google Plus sandbox yet. One of the most attractive things about Facebook is that it allows regular people like us to interface and interact with other individuals, groups and businesses. It is true that it didn't begin that way but what it has become is far better – because the interactions of our lives are more than just inter-personal. We do business everyday and most of us are part of organizations and support organizations. Facebook accommodates all of life so to speak.

That doesn't mean that Google Plus is dead already. Some people I have spoken with like it more than Facebook but limited as it is it is not enough for those of us who already have much more in other social venues. One survey published on August 10 says that Google Plus will surpass Twitter and Linked In in 2012. Maybe it will.

Until Google Plus expands, there is nothing there for businesses and organizations, and just not enough for individual users. However, knowing Google, they will likely make it work. So businesses and organizations should at least add the Google Plus +1 button to their sites to allow Google Plus users to promote those businesses and organizations in their profiles.


Posted by Williams Web | Topic: Social Networking