New Year, New SiteNow Features: PopLayer

January 13th, 2011

Williams Web has released another new custom feature that can be added to any SiteNow website: PopLayer. Like the new Headline Gallery, this feature is available on a site-by-site basis and is not included in the standard SiteNow package. However, its functionality can be added quickly and affordably to your SiteNow website and it is manageable from your current SiteNow administration account.


SiteNow already has a useful built-in pop-up feature that's great for placing quick announcements and updates in front of your visitors. Now, Williams Web has developed PopLayer.  PopLayer places  an elegant layer on top of the entire page. It can contain a document, images, video or anything you can put in a regular SiteNow webpage. Your site is still visible through a semi-opaque layer while your pop-up announcement floats prominently on top of the webpage. And since PopLayer isn't a "popup window" it isn't affected by popup blocker software.

To learn more about PopLayer, contact Kent Callison at 423-485-4709.

Posted by Sermon Access | Topic: Thoughts and Fun