New Year, New SiteNow Features: SiteNow Search

January 10th, 2011
Search drives the internet. If someone can't find your website on Google, it's as if your website doesn't exist. Williams Web provides SEO services to clients to help get Google's attention. And with the use of tools like Google Analytics, we help clients understand what search terms and phrases customers are using to find them. But what happens once they get to your website? How do you know what they searched for then? 

SiteNow Search

SiteNow offers a search capability that allows visitors to search for content throughout your website. And now, SiteNow captures the search terms people enter on your website. You can see every search term people are entering on your website, as well as the number of times that word or phrase was searched. 
Think of it as a little brother to Google Analytics, and an effective one-two punch in understanding your website visitors. With Google Analytics you get insights into how visitors find your website. With SiteNow Search you get a clearer picture of what those visitors were interested in once they found you. Here are some ways this information could be very beneficial to your online marketing: 
  • If you see a lot of searches for content that isn't very well developed on your website, take the opportunity to improve that content. 
  • If you find customers searching for services or products you don't currently offer, it might be time to consider updating your product offering.
  • Compare the search terms in Google Analytics to the terms in SiteNow search to see if your SEO efforts need to be adjusted.
  • If people are searching for content that you thought was easy to find, you can adjust content placement and site structure to make it easier to find.
SiteNow Search is easy to use and is already part of your SiteNow admin tools. To learn more, contact Kent Callison at 423-485-4709.
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