New Year, New SiteNow Features: Headline Gallery 3.0

January 3rd, 2011

Williams Web routinely upgrades SiteNow with new features and modules that are available to all clients as part of the standard SiteNow package. From time to time, however, we also create some custom features that are available on a site by site basis. These are features that add additional functionality to your website and are manageable within SiteNow. 

As we move into the new year, we are making these features available to all of our new and existing SiteNow clients. We will announce five new features during the month of January, all of which can be added to a new SiteNow website or be added to an existing SiteNow site. 

Headline Gallery 3.0

Many of our users love the Headline Gallery. This module lets you place a slideshow of images and captions on your home page.  The images can link to other sections of your site and adds movement and visual interest to your homepage. 
With Headline Gallery 3.0, you can add a headline gallery to multiple sections of your website. Place one on your homepage, the About us page, the Contact page or wherever you wish. You can also control the number of images and the speed of the photo transitions.
The new Headline Gallery 3.0 is available now and can be added to any SiteNow website quickly and affordably. To learn more, or to see some of this new feature in action, contact Kent Callison at 423-485-4709.

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