The New Facebook Profile Page

December 5th, 2010

Facebook is famous for change. In the past year Facebook has introduced new products, removed features, changed feature functionality and consistently freaked everyone out over privacy concerns. On December 6, Facebook is changing again with a completely revamped profile page for each Facebook user.

The new Facebook Profile page presents a brief bio of the user at the top of the page and allows the user to select the details you want listed. Think of it as your personal elevator pitch or the information you would share with someone over lunch for the first time.

Below the new bio is a feed of photos - photos you post yourself and photos of you posted by your friends. Next are featured friends and family, areas of interest and sports, movies and books you like. 

The rollout of the new Facebook Profile page begins on December 6 and will be available to all 500 million users by early next year.

Learn more about the new Facebook Profile page. 

Posted by Sermon Access | Topic: Social Networking