Google Instant Previews - Lower Bounce Rates, Higher Conversions

November 11th, 2010

Google Instant Previews gives you a quick look at any web page listed in the search results.  You hover over a small magnifying glass icon and see a preview of the page Google indexed.  Here is the introduction video from Google:

Google Instant Previews is exciting for a number of reasons.  It will help people identify the website they are looking for more quickly, and potentially direct traffic to your site that is more likely to result in goal conversions.  Moreover, it gives you a chance to redesign or refresh your website's home page or landing page to stand out from the competition.  Much like the old argument in Yellow Pages advertising that a display ad provides better results than a simple listing, a well designed homepage in a Google Instant Previews might be the key to differentiating yourself and making a positive first impression.  

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