SEO Remains Key to Mobile Marketing

October 15th, 2010

Search engines are still a major part of the mobile browsing experience

A recent report from comScore suggests SEO still plays an important role in marketing to mobile users.  The report also reveals smartphone subscribers make up the majority of mobile browser and application users. Until now, the mobile web was dominated by "feature phones" and WAP-enabled mobile phones. And while the growth in smartphone usage isn't much of a surprise, how people use their smartphones on the web got my attention. From the comScore report:

" was the most popular category accessed through browsers, reaching 54 percent of the smartphone audience. 43 percent of smartphone subscribers accessed social networking sites via browser, followed by news (40 percent), weather (36 percent) and sports information (32 percent)."

Even with the exponential growth of social media and the focus of marketers on its use to communicate their message, search is still the primary usage of smartphones on the mobile web. Analysts at Nielsen estimate 50% of Americans will be using a smartphone by the end of 2011 and that means marketers should continue to optimize content both for mobile devices and for search engines. 

In other words, SEO still remains a critical part of your marketing strategy and will continue to be an essential tactic in connecting your audience with your message, product or service.