Your Company May Be Tweeting the Wrong Way

October 8th, 2010

Is your company on Twitter? If so, you may be doing it wrong.  

For the last few years I have watched Twitter with great interest, used it to stay in touch with friends and family and followed news makers and news reporters for the latest information on topics I care about. I've also done a fair amount of watching and listening to see what really makes Twitter effective. And here is the bottom line:  

Twitter is about people and what they do between the moments you interact with them in person.  

Companies and organizations who use Twitter often use it to sell a product or service. That is not what Twitter is about. It's not the wrong way to use Twitter, but it's not what people want from Twitter.  

If your company has a Twitter account there is no reason to deactivate it, but a much more effective method is to get the people in your company engaged on a personal level. Encourage them to tweet on a regular basis to build their own personal brand. As they develop followers they will communicate, over time, their experiences with your organization. Followers appreciate real tweets about the lives of the people they follow more than the canned, polished 140 character press releases from corporate America.   

One more thing, Twitter is often a venue for some pretty humorous exchanges. If your company CEO has a sense of humor, encourage him or her to express it on Twitter. People respond to humor.  It is disarming, compelling and more interesting than most other types of tweets. You don't have to make every tweet a knock knock joke or limerick,  but humorous observations from the suit and tie crowd are endearing and reveal a side of the person that isn't always evident. 

Happy Tweeting!

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