Partnership for Families, Children and Adults Relaunches With SiteNow

May 4th, 2010


Sometimes an organization needs a whole new website.  Sometimes they just need a better way to manage the site they have. 

The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults communicates a wealth of information to their clients online.  While satisfied with the design and layout of their website, they were frustrated with its lack of content management tools. The Partnership initially contacted Williams Web looking for a web designer in Chattanooga who could update their content on an ongoing basis.  After a thorough review of their site and its content management requirements, we recommended a transition to SiteNow.

The cost of a SiteNow transition was far less than the cost to contract a web developer for ongoing content updates.  And by using SiteNow, The Partnership has complete control of their site and can add, edit and move pages of content, photo galleries, videos and more.  There is no need to call a web designer, programmer or hosting provider.  They simply login to SiteNow from any web browser and update the site at will.

The Partnership has been serving Chattanooga for over 130 years, empowering people to build better lives.  Williams Web is pleased to be a part of that mission by empowering the Partnership to build a better website and communicate their message even more effectively.  

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