E.A.T. for better S.E.O. A.S.A.P.

September 10th, 2018

Gotta love abbreviations. They have taken over messaging. Bless you heart if you get into a message thread with a millennial. But really abbreviation has been part of our lives forever. Once they are in wide use, they just help streamline communication. Terms Like ASAP (as soon as possible) and  SEO (search engine optimization) are now just normal parts of conversation for us.

But what is E.A.T.? 

E.A.T. is an abbreviation for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. These qualities have been stated by Google to be primary considerations in the ranking of web pages pertaining to user searches. And these have been given more weight as on August 2018. In other words search engine ranking continues to evolve away from keywords toward content that is considered to be authoritative and trustworthy.
We have been advising our clients for some time not to get too focused on keywords. Instead, as much as possible, be an authority in your subject. It is far better to have someone else on the world wide web link to your content as authoritative or expert or trusted, than it is to have certain word or phrases on your pages (Although, you still need to use the words relevant to your subject).

So E.A.T. 

That means shorter is not better. There is evidence that Google really likes 1,000 plus word pages. That’s a lot. So, maybe you write a summary for your readers, but link to the full version of content for Google and other search engines. Blogging within your website framework (not an external blog) is still good for SEO if the content is considered E.A.T. Share your content for others to see and link. Authority is driven not by our opinion of ourselves, but the opinion of others.