Support and Value

August 15th, 2017

On an otherwise level playing field, what sets a company apart is Support and Value.

There are really no unique skills in web development today. Technical standards are set. Responsive websites are the rule. Usability standards and practices are well established. Even search engine optimization is greatly limited by locality, user intent, and artificial intelligence. 

That means most web design companies in the Chattanooga area can do the same things for your business or organization. On that level playing field, we have always believed ‘Support’ and ‘Value’ is what sets a company apart from others.

At Williams Web...

  • We always have dedicated staff available to quickly address the needs of our existing clients.
  • We do not ‘nickel and dime’ our clients. Almost all support is covered in our reasonable monthly hosting/support fees.
  • We are always eager to discuss online strategy, visibility, usability and any other matters with our clients, and always at no additional cost.
  • We are always able to create exactly what our clients need in our fully flexible SiteNow platform. You will never have to 'make do' with less.

As we are writing this, two former clients are moving their websites back to us after two years with other companies. Both told us what they experienced was painfully slow and very expensive support. Over the years we have heard similar stories many times. We promise that stories like these will never be told about us!

We understand there are many web development companies asking for your business, and we are happy you are considering our company. We know we can meet your organization’s needs and provide unrivaled support. Would you give us the opportunity to meet with you and your team?

P.S. We know this post is self-serving. After all it's our website :) 

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