SEO Success with SiteNow - More Evidence

August 2nd, 2017

When we launch a new or redesigned website, after a few weeks we like to check organic search engine rankings. In the past few weeks we revised the Grace Academy and St Nicholas School websites. Following are their ranks on Google a few weeks after launch. 

private christian school Chattanooga – Grace Academy - Second
christian school Chattanooga - Grace Academy - Second school listed**
private elementary school Chattanooga – St Nicholas School – Second school listed* ** 
private primary school Chattanooga – First School listed*
private school Chattanooga – St Nicholas School – Third school listed* **
Baptist school Chattanooga – Grace Academy – two of top four places
*Some aggregation sites rank higher - e.g.,, etc.
**Behind venerable/historic school(s)

These results are typical for our clients in every industry category from healthcare to services. The reason for these results is our SiteNow platform. We built SiteNow with search engines in mind. Of course the website content has to be valuable. Our clients have written great content with our advice and help. The result is high visibility for relevant common user searches. 

Our clients are happy and so are we. We’d love to make you happy too.