Typical Day...

November 29th, 2016

It's not unusual for us to not hear from clients for weeks, even months – which is a great testimony to the ease-of-use and integrity of our systems. But because we have so many clients, almost every day is like today…

A client we had not heard from in quite a while called about a letter they received claiming an image they used on their site is unlicensed. We provided a resource to help them answer that letter.

Then they asked us about other images they had used that they were concerned could be unlicensed. We suggested replacing those images with ‘Common Use’ images. They agreed. So, because we can do things like that much faster than they can,  we found, cropped and placed those images for our client – we are always happy to help.

Although it took considerable time, our client will not receive a bill for our work today. This is typical.  These are the kinds of things things we do for our clients to help them succeed online. Sure there are some things that are billable, but our policy toward our clients is to do as much as we can at no additional cost beyond what they pay us for hosting and support.

Of course, we are always busy with new development projects, but we always have time to support existing clients when they need it.

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