Someone Asked...

June 17th, 2016

Today a client was asking about URL keywords/phrases - specifically why we construct our URLs as we do. That question came about because one of our competitors, in an unsolicited communication with our client, mentioned that our URLs are not semantic. Of course that is not true as you will see in the image below.

So why do we do it that way? Because it is better. Have you noticed how major media constructs their URLs - you know, the pages that always show at the top of search results? Here are some examples from top-ranked articles I saw today in searches...

Notice the bolded 'long tail' of the URL? That is what search engines love. The rest is is there for reference and does not affect ranking of the content.

From the beginning we have worked to make SiteNow the most SEO friendly system there is. Whether we have achieved that is unknowable since we don’t know everything that is out there. But our system enables site managers to easily add quality keyword rich content, Descriptive page titles, and semantically clear long-tail URL phrases. It’s not that the URL is really important today. It’s not. But every little bit helps a little bit.

So I thought I would provide a simple, visual lesson, using our website, managed with the tools provided in SiteNow. I hope this helps.