SiteNow - The Center of an Effective Social Networking Strategy

May 2nd, 2010

SiteNow was developed by Chattanooga web design firm Williams Web to provide complete management of site content. But a website powered by SiteNow can also be an integral part of an organization's social networking strategy. Here's how:

A Link and a Window to Your Social Networks

Starting with the Home Page, Contact Page or other Landing Page on your site, you can post links to your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This lets your visitors know that you are part of a larger social network and gives them quick access to your feed or fan page. Next, SiteNow websites can be fitted with a live stream of your status updates so that your website visitors get a quick look at your latest updates. Not only do these measures give your audience fresh, relevant content each time they visit, it also helps with your SEO measures by giving search engines fresh content to index.

Harness the Power of YouTube

Next, we recommend using YouTube to host any video you want to include on your website. By using YouTube, you receive reliable, free hosting of your video content and put it in front of the web's largest video viewing audience. Your YouTube videos, channels and playlists can be easily embedded on any page of your website using the tools built into SiteNow. You can also set YouTube to automatically update your social networking sites any time you upload a new video.

Share Your Blog Entries

If you are using the SiteNow Blog module, your blog posts can be automatically published to your Twitter and Facebook status updates. The title of your post, along with the first 120 or so characters will be published, along with a link back to the original post on your blog.

To learn more about how to make your SiteNow website the center of your social networking strategy, contact Kent Callison at Williams Web.

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