What CMS Do You Use?

March 21st, 2016

Recently a major area web design company was hacked. What began as one Wordpress* site led to the entire server. Believe me, we and every company like ours is sympathetic! 

How did it happen? Through an open-source CMS platform. Open-source platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. do not have protected source code. Every 'hacker' on the planet knows how to exploit those systems if given the opening. All it takes is one configuration error or failure to update the software to open a website, or even an entire server to malicious activity. You can go here to search for your current CMS and see a list of exploits.

SiteNow is not open-source. We built it, we maintain it, and only we use it for our clients’ websites. Because hackers do not have access to SiteNow source code, it is more difficult for them to find exploits for their malicious activities. Also, our servers are OUR servers. We host our websites on dedicated physical servers at Liquid Web, the highest rated managed hosting company. That means our servers can be secured independently, and we take that security very seriously.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we will never have an outage - we have and we will. That’s the nature of technology. But our systems and procedures are designed to be secure and inaccessible to malicious persons.

*In 2013 a major internet security firm found that 73.2% of Wordpress sites were vulnerable to attacks. In 2016 Wordpress required dozens of updates, many due to security issues. Even using automatic updates, there is always the possibility that the update will cause problems with a website.

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