It's Been a While

March 9th, 2015

You know what they say about the cobbler and his own kid's shoes...

It has been very busy for the past few months - thankfully we still are. As a result we have neglected our blog, like the cobbler who was so busy making shoes for his custoimers that he didn't have time to make shoes for his own kids.

So what have we been doing? Here are some the websites that have launched the past few months:

Epic Optical - A single page responsive site, perfect for a small healthcare practice

Grace Baptist Academy - The first website launched in the new version of SiteNow

The Bethlehem Center - A great organization that we happily support

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic - A existing client given a responsive design update

MMCNow - Another single page responsive website that is perfect for their needs

Easy Auto - An updated design and features for an existing client 

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