My First Visit (but not last) to White Oak Barber Shop

August 12th, 2014

With so many clients who provide services that I can’t use (like plastics, heavy machinery, and industrial electrical) it is nice to be able to visit a client’s business just to be able to experience their services. I was able to do that with White Oak Barber Shop’s Lee Highway location. 

Owner Merritt Potter was my barber and I enjoyed every moment of the cut. It was not the 7 minute 'hair care chain' version. I left knowing that I got my money’s worth. And the hot lather neck shave is worth the trip.

And then there is Joe. Joe is an awesome man who was affected by a stroke a few years back. Now, because he loves it, he shines shoes at Lee Highway. I don’t mean like I shine shoes. My pitiful brown shoes have NEVER looked this good. Joe and his shine is worth every penny – and he is a delight to talk to.

So go to White Oak Barber Shop. Today!

Their new website is almost ready for launch and it is a great responsive design that fits White Oak Barber Shop to a ‘T’. We can’t show it off yet but it does keep the webcam feature in the current website. Wives take note. You can actually make sure your husband went to the barber shop like he said. Honey, here’s the proof I was there.

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