Marketing Surveys Made Easy With SiteNow

April 29th, 2010
Surveys are an essential part of any marketing toolkit. Online surveys are often more effective than their hard copy or telephone survey counterparts and offer some distinct benefits:
  • Data can be gathered quickly
  • Online surveys are convenient for respondees
  • Data can be sorted and manipulated easily
  • Responses can be tracked more effectively 

If your website is powered by SiteNow from Williams Web, you already have everything you need to conduct an effective online survey. Every SiteNow website has a comprehensive form module that allows you to create custom forms. You can collect data any number of ways: text boxes, lists, check boxes, etc. Using SiteNow forms you can gather information from customers or prospects on just about anything, such as:

  • Rating the quality of service on a scale of 1-5
  • Solicit comments on new products or services
  • Select a time frame in which they will be making a purchasing decision
  • Provide feedback on a recent purchase
  • Opt-in for email newsletters or direct mail marketing

Once you have built your form, you can embed it on any document (webpage) in SiteNow. When someone fills out the form, the system will email you the responses and save them in the system for viewing online. You can even download them as a spreadsheet for offline review.

If you are currently using a third party service provider to conduct online surveys, or if you are ready to make the move from mail/phone surveys, consider using the tools included with your SiteNow website to conduct your next survey.

Posted by Sermon Access | Topic: Strategic Marketing