Client Congratulation (with some self-adulation)

June 4th, 2014

We were copied on an email this week regarding the search engine ranking for the new website of one of our clients – a website that had just launched a month earlier. Here is an excerpt:

This morning I did a Google search for:

"New Jersey playground equipment”
"New York playground equipment”
"Pennsylvania playground equipment”
"California playground equipment” 

 In each search, MRC was either the #1 or #2 result. It looks like your new website has been well optimized for search engines, particularly location-specific searches. That’s impressive work so soon after a launch on a new platform.

The platform mentioned is our SiteNow website management system. What makes it so friendly for search engines is it was built for that, and we continue to keep search engine optimization in view as we update and add to SiteNow.

But to be clear, the main reason for SEO success is not the platform but our client's attention to the website structure and content. So while we are tooting our own horn a bit, we mainly say ‘Way to go Matt.’