Web Design in 2014

May 9th, 2014

We currently have several web design projects underway. Some are close to launch and we can’t wait to show them off.  That has led me to this post about the way the ‘web’ is trending in 2014 (and 2013).

  1. Clean is the word.

We hear that from almost every client that we meet with. And you know what, it makes us verrrry happy. We loved clean when clean wasn’t cool. By the way, if you don’t know what is meant by clean, it is the opposite of the old way where every square millimeter of a screen had to have something occupying it. You remember that –when you needed de-scrambleizing glasses just to look at a website.

We love open. We love white (with the strategic use of color of course). We love large headings. We love space around images. We love Clean.

  1. Be Responsive

We have been building mobile templates to go along with desktop designs for several years now, and responsive websites for a couple of years. We say unless a budget is too limited for responsive, mobile dedicated sites and templates should not be considered. Beside the suggested SEO benefits, responsive web design provides the best user experience because there is just one website for all devices. So whether a user is on desktop, tablet or mobile the site is the site is the site.

  1. Let it Scroll

Remember that rule from long ago – ‘Don’t make your pages too long?” Yeah, that rule no longer applies. Tablets and mobile devices scroll (or flick) and for those devices, the easiest way to view what used to be a ‘section’ of content is to view it all as a single page that scrolls vertically or horizontally. Typical mobile navigation works fine unless the navigation just goes on and on. The perfect way to ‘thin out’ those overgrown navigation trees is to consolidate content into single pages divided into sections. And ‘Let then scroll.’

  1. Monochrome and Infographic

We are working on a monochromatic, infographic style website right now. It is close to launch. This isn’t for everyone but it works great for focusing on facts and figures and presenting them clearly in a linear fashion. This approach is great for mini-sites that present important decision affecting information about a product or service. They are great for encouraging advocacy or soliciting participation or contribution because there is no distraction, just a focus on the information users’ need to form an opinion and make a decision.

  1. Subtle Coolness

There is something soothing about viewing a website that uses parallax scrolling – where on-screen elements scroll but at different speeds. It just makes me happy. Or how about clicking a navigation link and the page quickly scrolls to the side but you see it just barely (not those long ‘show-offey’ long transitions. How about things that don’t show until you need to see them, and when you need them you can’t miss them. That just scratches the surface, and these are not all just cool but often helpful.

A lot more could be said, but these are the major trends in web design as we see them. Many of our current projects are following these trends. Of course, we still create plenty of more traditional websites because they still have a place whether because of audience or budget or both.

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