Social Media is Not All That

March 25th, 2013

Last fall, as I participated as a presenter at a regional conference on SEO and social media, someone asked me if there would come a time when websites would become obsolete because of the proliferation of social media. My answer to her in short was "no way." For two years we have been saying that social media is not the marketing driver that many people hype it to be. We didn't have research. It just didn't make sense based on our own use and observations.

Companies in my social media streams are annoying. Unless they are offering a 50% off everything deal that I can click and get right then, they are just a bother. I don't need a cooking spoon set even at 50% off. Most of us are facebook cleaners - in fact, I just hid most of a friend's posts this morning (as I often do) because I am just not interested in most of the stuff he posts - and he is a friend. Imagine my wrath toward companies who try to fill my streams with their useless marketing junk - it's downright biblical. (of course the wrath of God is far worse, so I do not make light of that)

Now the empirical data is in hand and our years of preaching has been validated - build a great website, sensibly optimize your website for users and search engines, and that will drive the traffic your business or organizations needs and wants. If you need (sensible) help with that, contact us.

Here's the article with the empirical data.

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