Long Tail Key Words

March 18th, 2013

Have you heard the term ‘Long Tail Key Words?” If you have been engaged is SEO (search engine optimization) theory for the last several years, you have.

What is “Long Tail key Words?” They are longer phrases in page text, link anchor text or URL strings that use a page’s primary key words in more specific and longer (Long Tail) phrases. E.g. If a web page was about how to remove ticks from a dog safely, you will obviously use the words ‘dog’ and ‘tick’ in your text, URL string, page title, and in link anchor text leading to that particular page. The temptation is just to strategically place those two words (Dog and Tick) in your content. But the Long Tail string would be something like “Learn how to safely remove ticks from your dog.”

The evidence says that these are increasingly important as search engines learn to ‘think’ more like humans. Consider this. When you search for information about safely removing a tick from a dog, how do you type your query in the search engine? Do you type “dogs ticks” or ‘Safely remove tick from dog?” If you are like most users, your query will be more like the latter.

That is the power of “Long Tail Key Words.” If your page has that phrase in it, your chances of being ranked above others who just used the words instead of the phrase is much greater.