SEO 2013

January 17th, 2013

This morning, as I do almost every day, I received a email with some links to articles on SEO. I read as usual and was struck by part of one of the articles. It was confirming what we have known for several months, but well put. The article is "Enterprise SEO in 2013" by PJ Fusco. Here is the excerpt that I thought would be helpful for everyone concerned with SEO.

"The fundamental tenet of organic search engine optimization (SEO) is that great content triumphs online. This ideology is user-centric in that it presumes the preponderance of search engine users know what content they seek when they see it … And stop searching when they find it.

By observing how, what, and when searchers hunt and gather around specific bits of content, search engines learn how to provide relevant search results for other searchers that repeat the pattern over time. Based on this principle, all an enterprise needs to do is generate content that serves searchers, not search engines, in order to produce successful search engine strategies over, and over again."

Fourteen years ago, when I took on our first SEO project, we had many 'tricks' up our sleeves to acheive SEO success. Now there is really just one primary consideration - do my website visitors benefit from the content on my website? If they do, search engines pick up on that by the activity of searchers.

That made another article that came this morning even more important in my mind Read it here . This article urges us to do what we have preached many times - pay attention to page titles and descriptions when pages are created and edited. Of course, those need to perfectly describe the page content, but these are what makes a user click. And if you have told them what they will find on a page, if they want that and click, and then they find exaclty what they expected - the user is satisfied and so is the search engine.