Q and A

What is open-ended design?

Open-ended design means we continue to work with clients through the design phase of a project to arrive at the website design and layout that is right for them without 'dinging' them with additional costs. We do not limit clients with XX number of hours, or X number of revisions. We believe a client could be fully satisfied with our work, and because our our open-ended web design process, our clients always are.

How are we able to work with both large and small clients?

Whether we are working with a large client with a large marketing staff, or a small company with no staff, we provide the services they actually need. That may be everything - like website design, build, management, SEO, support and online marketing - or selected services.

What makes SiteNow superior to other content management systems?

SiteNow is simply more secure, more SEO ready, and easier to use system for website managers. We recommend prospective clients read our reviews. We also encourage you to come by for a FULL SiteNow demonstration. Then ask other prospective vendors to provide a FULL site management demonstration of their system. Also be sure to read about the security vulnerabilities of the systems recommended.

Can we work with Wordpress?

Yes, we are happy to work in Wordpress. But because of its many inherent security vulnerabilities we recommend hosting only on highly reliable Managed Wordpress hosts.

Do we offer SEO services?

Yes we do. We do it for large clients you know well, and small clients who are now better known because of our SEO work. Learn about our SEO, Social Media and Advertising services here.

How long have we done what we do?

Since 1997. Imagine how long that would be if we were dogs. Even better, imagine the peace of mind that you will have working with a company who has served scores of companies for so long.