Before the Meeting

Before you meet with a prospective website partner, here are some questions that will help you evaluate and communicate the needs and expectations of your organization.

  • Do you need services beyond website design and support? What are those services? What is your budget for the services desired?

  • Do you want to manage website content internally (you or your staff)? If so, what is the knowledge/skill level of the persons who will perform those duties?

  • What is your expected response time from your web developer? What is the expected completion time when a support request is submitted?

  • Do you want a custom designed website, or is a pre-designed template OK?
  • Are you comfortable writing the content for your website? Do you feel comfortable with someone who does not understand your business writing the content? Can they?

  • What are your expectations for organic (non-paid) search engine rankings? What are those expectations based on? 

  • What is more important to you, the cost of hosting and support, or reliability?