Premium Web Hosting

 Our customers, both large and small, expect reliable hosting. That’s what we provide.


We are not a hosting company per se. We only host the sites we build, manage and support. Our clients enjoy the most reliable hosting available. All of our sites are hosted on our dedicated Linux servers or managed Wordpress platform at Liquid Web, which is the highest rated managed hosting company according to NPS 2016 (


While others stuff websites on shared servers, we had our dedicated servers built to our specifications. They are fast, '6-Core-Solid-State-32-GB' fast. And with many of our client’s websites also running through Cloudflare, they almost load before you can type the URL. That’s shameless hyperbole, but you get the idea.


If using a shower in a gym without flip-flops scares you, so should hosting your website on a server with 'who knows who'. We are serious about security. We have deployed our own security methodology on our servers. We don’t claim to be bullet-proof – no hosting is – but at least we make it hard enough that maybe the malicious types will move on to easier targets.


How many backup copies of a website is too many? We would say there’s never enough. But we go to extremes to retain at least two weeks-worth of backups for every website we host. And we use Raid arrays on our production servers so if there is ever a drive failure it can be replaced and ‘rebuilt’ quickly with minimal speed loss.