SiteNow Content Management

Scores of businesses, professionals, non-profits, schools, and churches use SiteNow to manage their websites. There are several reasons your organization might consider using SiteNow:

TRUE Responsive Content Management

In most content management systems formatting text, images and video to display correctly on all devices can be frustrating. Our TRUE Responsive editor gives your website admins the ability to create and edit content (text, images, video) that displays correctly on all devices and browsers without having to know html or CSS. It's all done using familiar actions/functions used for other computer software and online sources. 

You think managing your website should be easy. We do too!


Most Content management systems are ‘Open-Source’ (Wordpress*, Joomla, etc.). When software is Open Source that means programmers (and hackers too) everywhere in the world have access to the source code and configurations that makes it work. We think this is like giving a thief the key to your house. (Read this blog entry from March, 2016)

Our SiteNow platform is not ‘Open Source’. We built it, and we maintain, support and secure it for our clients. SiteNow only runs on our servers located in the same facilities as the servers of Fortune 100 companies. Our source code and configuration is protected, and our servers are hardened. As a result SiteNow is far less vulnerable to exploits and attacks. 

We never say never, but to date no SiteNow website has been affected by a serious security exploit or attack.

*In 2013 a major internet security firm found that 73.2% of Wordpress sites were vulnerable to attacks. In 2016 Wordpress required dozens of updates, many due to security issues. Even using automatic updates, there is always the possibility that the update will cause problems with a website.

Custom Development

The ability to purchase an open source “package” and install a theme and plugins requires little development knowledge. That is why so many website development companies prefer to use these open source platforms. But open source platforms make custom application development difficult, so most open source developers are unable to develop fully custom applications for their client’s needs.

We have the ability to customize every element in our websites, and we have a full-time staff of skilled developers who spend their time addressing the the exact needs of our clients.

We built SiteNow to be modular specifically to meet our clients’ custom web application needs.


The reason for using a Content Management System (CMS) is to enable persons within your organization to manage your organization’s website content. That makes support a critical part of any solution provided by your website development company. 

SiteNow was built to make website management simple, and w e provide unlimited admin support for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using the knowledge gained over nearly twenty years of  SEO experience, we have kept SiteNow in line with SEO best practices. From our focus on ‘long tail URLs’ to easy management of content and html source elements, we have made optimizing a website for search engines easy and effective. And that includes the ability to control how your webpages are shared through social media.

All SiteNow websites that are regularly managed by clients achieve good to superior ranking in search engines for relevant user searches.