Company Intranets

We built and support company intranets and employee portals for several of Hamilton County' s largest employers. Let us help with yours.

Intranet sites are very fluid environments requiring constant management, responsive support, and strong security. We have created many custom applications for clients, and our SiteNow platform is a perfect fit as the foundation for company intranets and employee portals. SiteNow makes content management easy for company staff, and SiteNow is far more secure than open-source content management systems.

We built and support company intranets and employee portals for  6 of Hamilton County's 40 largest employers.* And recently we relaunched second-generation intranets for two of the largest employers in Chattanooga. We can’t show them to you of course, but the fact that both asked us to build and support their business critical intranets a second time says a lot.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your company save time and money by moving employee communication and business processes online.

*We’ll tell you who they are and give you reference information upon request.