A Sensible Approach to Online Marketing

One of the fastest growing business segments today is online advertising. Why? Because execution is fast and easy, and profit margins are high. Of course that’s great for their businesses, but what about yours

We support, advise and serve nearly two hundred active clients. Some of our clients decided to 'try' what an 'online advertising' business pitched, and to date all of them have stated their disappointment with the services they bought. The most recent called it a waste of money. Not one has said it was worth their investment.

Before you commit to a costly online marketing and advertising program, talk with us. There’s no cost for that talk, and it may save you a lot of money. We have worked in search engine optimization and marketing since 1998. Our approach is incremental and driven by user intent. We focus on what users are searching for, and work to maximize organic success and then use advertising to fill the gaps as needed. 

We will evaluate your needs and goals to suggest what we believe will work best for your expectations and budget. But generally our approach is:

  1. Create effective home page and landing pages - If your website isn’t compelling for users who land there, any advertising is wasted.
  2. Optimize your website for organic success. Search engine optimization is still the most economical way to online success, and users trust organic results more than ads.
  3. Fill gaps in organic rankings with specifically targeted paid advertising tied to user searches.
  4. For highly competitive user queries, supplement organic listings with paid ads to reinforce brand and presence.
  5. Fully optimize directories that deliver local results.
  6. Seek reviews from your customers and patrons.

We know our approach works because it has created high online visibility for our clients.

We are eager to speak with you. Click here to contact us today.