SiteNow is simply the most complete, logical and easiest to use system we know of. Scores of businesses, professionals, non-profits, schools, and churches use SiteNow® to manage their websites. 

 SiteNow is a comprehensive website and content management system (CMS) that gives you complete control of your website content. It also helps that SiteNow is logical and easy to use. It is expandable with dozens of modules that add increased capabilities to your website with little and often no additional cost. And SiteNow allows for multiple administrators with assignable access privileges. 

 SiteNow is fully html5 compliant, and is one of the very first Content Management Systems to incorporate TRUE responsive content editing. 

Because SiteNow is not open-source, it is secure and far less vulnerable to malicious attacks. 

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Almost every business will benefit from a Content Management System. But trying to figure out how to format text, images and video to work on all devices is frustrating for those who don't do that for a living. 

That's why we created TRUE Responsive editing. With SiteNow TRUE Responsive editing, you choose the layout you want for a web page, then replace 'placeholder' images, text and videos with your content. It really is that simple.  There are scores of layout options, and we also provide custom layouts as requested for our clients at no additional cost.

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