Responsive and Mobile Websites

It wasn't too long ago that we were saying the time is swiftly approaching when half of all website visits will come from smart phones and tablets. Today, some of our clients websites have already surpassed 50% mobile usage. Ideally, your website will be FULLY accessible to visitors using desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design

The ideal solution is to make your website ‘Responsive’ to various screen widths (This website is responsive). A responsive website may be (loosely) compared to a hybrid vehicle that has both a gasoline and electric motor making the vehicle efficiently usable on both flat city streets and mountain roads.

A responsive website design enables your site layout, navigation and content to realign as users' screen sizes change. The content of your website does not change, but the layout of your website changes to fit the device being used. 

Of course, the core of your responsive or mobile site is our SiteNow platform which allows you fully manage all of your website content for display on any device. SiteNow is one of the first Content Management systems to include TRUE responsive content editing. Scroll down to see how it works.


If a responsive website does not fit your budget, a less-costly option is to add a mobile template that is built specifically for smart phones. A mobile website can display the same content as the 'desktop' website but in a format optimized for smart phones. There is also the option of managing a mobile website separately, creating and formatting content specifically for mobile devices.

In either case, when a user accesses your website via a mobile device, the user will see your content as it should be - optimized for the device being used.